Landscape Tips for Commercial Property

A Rock Garden for Efficient Use of Space and Water

A rock garden is such a great use of space. Mix both large rocks and small to set the design and then fill it in with sustainable landscape plants. It is fairly easy to do with a little bit of expert advice and the water usage is minimal when done properly. Rock...

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Your Sprinkler Could Get You Into Serious Trouble

A sprinkler has to work properly and not be wasteful. If it is broken, misaligned or is wasting water in other ways, the San Jose Water Company can put a flow restrictor on your water line. This could be quite detrimental to your tenants or operation of your business....

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Improves Property Value

Low maintenance landscaping can save you a lot of money each month. You’ll require fewer visits from your landscaper and save money on replacing plants and lawns. With water conservation efforts at full swing now in the Bay area, most commercial properties are going...

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Xeriscape Allows Water Savings on Beautiful Landscapes

Xeriscape is the art of using native plants that are drought tolerant in your landscaping. Many commercial buildings are opting for a xeriscape landscape to save on water bills, conserve water, and to give their tenants and clients a good impression about the...

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Water Saving with Commercial Landscapes

During the drought you will need to stop using any water that isn’t necessary. There are several things that you can do to help conserve water in the drought and save money on your water bill in the process. Ideas for Water Saving in San Jose The drought has been one...

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