A rock garden is such a great use of space. Mix both large rocks and small to set the design and then fill it in with sustainable landscape plants. It is fairly easy to do with a little bit of expert advice and the water usage is minimal when done properly.

Rock Garden

When you are thinking of trying a rock garden as a type of water saving landscape, the first step is to get some advice from an expert. A professional landscape contractor such as Commercial Landscape and Maintenance Service can help you create a design.

The next step is to shop for just the right plants. Your landscape designer will have you armed with a list of environmentally friendly grasses, flowers and ground covers that use little water. If you’re not one to get your hands dirty, designer can shop for you after you approve the overall plan. Once the plants are purchased, it is time to install the rock garden.

Rock gardens require a lot of heavy lifting, so you’re probably going to need the landscape contractor’s crew to do the heavy labor. Rocks need to be placed just right to set the design. Then soil is placed, the plants are set and the ground covers are added. A drip irrigation system will likely be needed to add some water during very dry periods of the seasons.

Commercial Landscape and Maintenance Services

Commercial Landscape and Maintenance Services will give you a quote for what it will cost for installing a rock garden at your commercial property. Most properties will benefit from several rock gardens in key locations to improve the overall look of the property and reduce water usage. The rock gardens can add a lot of interest and beauty to vast spaces filled with stone, or grass. Give us a call today to discuss your property landscape needs.